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CampusConnect is an interface for the connection of different learning platforms and campus management systems to communicate with each other.

In CampusConnect, the ECS serves as an integration platform for all systems involved (learning platforms, campus management systems).

Within an ECSA (eLearning Community Service Architecture), the ECS (eLearning Community Server) represents the central component. It is a message-oriented integration platform (MOM) and is subject to a REST architecture.

Support contract for CampusConnect-ECS

Within the scope of a support contract, they receive comprehensive support for all questions and problems that arise during operation, in special deployment scenarios, or during installation and configuration of their CampusConnect ECS.

In addition, support subscribers receive exclusive access to an ECS FreeIT Debian repository, which greatly simplifies installation and especially subsequent ECS updates.

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ECS Installation

A Debian 11 (aka "Bullseye") package is available for download to members on the Ecs-Announce mailing list, where users with a support contract offered convenient installation and future updates via a Debian repository.

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ECS Konfiguration

In order to operate the ECS in a CampusConnect network, it must first be configured accordingly. This is done with the following commands, all of which must be executed as "root" user in a command shell.

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ECS Proxy

On the one hand, the proxy handles the authentication of CampusConnect participants for the ECS, and on the other hand, it restricts and authorizes access to certain resources.

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Fehler oder Ungereimtheiten bei Betrieb und Bedienung des ECS melden sie bitte unter