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ECS Installation

A Debian 11 (aka "Bullseye") package is available for download to members on the Ecs-Announce mailing list, where users with a support contract offered convenient installation and future updates via a Debian repository. Before installation, some dependencies have to be resolved (not necessary when installing via repository):

apt install libpq5 libsqlite3-0 openssl libxml2 libxslt1.1 apt-transport-https nodejs libmariadb3 apt-utils ca-certificates
Now the previously downloaded CampusConnect-ECS can be installed:
dpkg -i ecs6_x.y.z-datum_amd64.deb
Users with support contract and registered ECS-FreeIT Debian repository complete the previous steps:
apt update
apt install ecs6

In case of upcoming updates of the ECS software, users with a support contract have it particularly easy and convenient, as here within the scope of a regularly performed system update via:

apt update
apt upgrade
more recent ECS software is automatically updated as well.

A PostgreSQL DBMS on the same system is assumed as the default database system for the following configuration description:

apt install postgresql

The installation of the CampusConnect ECS is now complete. The following section explains the configuration steps required to operate the ECS in a CampusConnect network.

Go to ECS-Configuration.