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Public certificates and keys

My SSH public key
Fingerprint (SHA256): sa5CF+PL7PGVDaWJJQq+SUVXDCmebtPpr62mwXryzng

gnuPG/OpenPGP key for mail encryption
key-id: 7878B7B6
Fingerprint: 16B1 BEE0 9DA7 63CD C176 634D 48C7 EA73 7878 B7B6

S/MIME certificate for mail encryption
Fingerprint (SHA1): 4CF6 B60E 3608 8F0B A47C BA98 ABBD EBE0 7B7A 531B

Mailing Lists

ECS Announce mailing list

IRC Chat

Only by prior arrangement.

Voice communication

For voice communication we use Mumble. Mumble clients are available for all major systems (Linux, Windows, Mac, Android). Our mumble server credentials are:

  • mumble.freeit.de
  • Port: 64838 (Attention: This is not the standard/default port)
  • The password for the first login will be provided by email on request.

Our mumble server provides full encryption for the voice communication and the embedded text chat.

Only by prior arrangement.

Notice of liability

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