Welcome on FreeIT.de !

As a software developer in the areas of:

  • Technology Consulting
  • System Software
  • Training
  • Open Source Software (OSS)
  • AgileSoftware Development

you can draw on many years of my experience in the IT sector. Complex software development tasks in the area of web applications using the latest web technologies and web frameworks are just the field of my work, as well as sound advice and assistance for new construction and remodeling of existing IT infrastructure, towards the open and flexible service and Web-oriented structures (SOA, WOA).

In my work are preferably used open source products that guarantee to a cost advantage but more importantly the safety of a sustainable and reliable software development.

In carrying out my software development projects I put on good and close cooperation with my clients great value, so that they are involved in the development process from beginning to narrow, and thus at any time on the design of your software product you can and should influence. Within a very short development time we have to charge a fully functional software that perform the rudimentary tasks and can be used immediately.