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ECS announce mailing list

This mailing list is used by to publish information and news about the ECS. Furthermore a membership in this list entitles you to download the latest Debian ECS package. It should be noted that you cannot send messages or replies to this list. After subscribing to the list, all messages FreeIT sends to it will be automatically forwarded to them by email.

Subscribe to the list

By sending an email to they subscribe to the list. The joining still has to be explicitly approved by the list moderator (moderated list access).

In principle, Subject and email text can be arbitrary, but for a successful approval by the list moderator, please describe in the email text briefly which organization/company you belong to and which usage scenario you are aiming at or pursuing with the ECS and whether you want to operate the ECS with commercial intentions. For Subject: please write Join the list.

Unsubscribe from the list

You can unsubscribe from the list at any time by sending an email to Subject: and email text can be arbitrary.

Access credentials for downloading the ECS6 Debian package

The access credentials for downloading the current ECS6 Debian package are announced regularly via the list. You can get the current download ingredients as a registered list user (see Subscribe to the list above) by sending email to (Subject: and email text can be arbitrary):